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Credit for closing down minus accounts and cards

Closing a loan is the most common form of borrowing in our country, although it is known that an overdraft facility is one of the most expensive forms of credit.

8 ways in which the poker table is perfect for a group interview

We are ten people sitting in the middle of a room. Sneeze. I apologize. You hear the echo. I look at the lamp. The curtains are purple, my favorite color.

Advanced poker strategy of the pros – Smith conta Kempe

The 2016 Texas Super Bowl Roller Bowl held at the ARIA in Las Vegas brought together 49 players who put $ 300,000 each to try to win the $ 5,000,000

Starting hands in Omaha

We would all like to have a list with all the initial hands of Omaha in order of strength. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do so. As in other

Play Texas Hold’em better. The button

The nightmare has finally passed. Winter is already gone and spring is beginning to be noticed. After the torment of the last hands, UTG, big blind and small blind, finally

How to play poker?

The Omaha Hi (Pot Limit Omaha – PLO) is played with four individual cards and not two as in Texas Hold’em. Players must form the best poker hand using two

Interview with Gerard Serra Director of Live Poker Tournaments

1. What is your poker background? I started in 1999 at the Gran Casino in Barcelona. After going through several departments, I ended up working in the Depto. Commercial, where

Interview with Jaime Sanchez, Poker Event Manager CNP888

How was / is your background in the poker industry? Answer: I am currently the Manager and Administrator of Laroush Entertainment Travel, a Spanish company dedicated exclusively to the organization

Interview with Xavier Hernandez Ripoll, live poker tournaments croupier

  What is the difference between being a poker dealer or a blackjack dealer? What about Texas holdem or Omaha Hi Lo? The number of players you have to handle

Marti and his success

Since the beginning of November 2018, the player classified in 888 Poker Martí Roca managed to win the Main Event of the World Series of Poker Europe , his testimony