First to speak – only your two letters

The cards are finished and you are the first to speak. None of your rivals has said anything. You do not have any information, only your two cards and the tendencies of some of your rivals, but of the hand they are playing: nothing. UTG First to talk. UTG Under The Gun. The first to […]

A new article and video poker to improve your game.

As we said before, poker players have to be mentally strong. Not only must they have good hand reading skills and reasoning, but they must also be in tune with how the odds of thinking and acting along a hand are to their opponents. At the same time maintain a solid emotional state. To achieve […]

Advanced poker strategy with the pros. Smith against Phil

The 2016 Texas Super High Roller Bowl of Texas poker that was held at the ARIA in Las Vegas brought together 49 players who put $ 300,000 each to try to win the $ 5,000,000 first prize and one of the most prestigious poker titles . As the action was filmed to be broadcast by […]

Pot Limit Omaha, Basic Concepts

You have already read the article Omaha is not Texas and you have realized that it is not geography and you are interested in entering more deeply into the ins and outs of Pot Limit Omaha. I warn you that you are going to enter a world of fun, madness and pain. You are willing? […]

Omaha is not Texas

The Texas Hold’em players, when they play their first hand of Omaha Hold’em, are satisfied with knowing that instead of two cards they are four and that you have to use two of the four cards of the hand to form the move. With this they believe they are ready to play and apply the […]