Credit for closing down minus accounts and cards

Closing a loan is the most common form of borrowing in our country, although it is known that an overdraft facility is one of the most expensive forms of credit.

Citizens usually opt for credit card payments, which are very easy to swipe through a POS device or put into an ATM to get cash. However, it is only when they receive a monthly credit card statement that they become aware of the actual debt. Adding interest to interest, in the case of a revolving loan, the debit per card can reach hefty amounts.

When they find themselves in a situation where meeting their monthly obligations becomes impossible, citizens reach out for a refinancing loan. Then there is a need to do a ” closing minus “.


No additional security instruments

No additional security instruments

Citizens who find themselves in a difficult situation and are unable to pay their monthly credit card obligations, assuming that they have made full use of the overdraft, find the only way out of closing their existing obligations with a new obligation.

So, they are raising a new loan, which is most often granted on the terms of non-purpose loans. The loan is approved with the primary collateral, the Statement of Acceptance Statement and the Promissory Note, which significantly reduces the cost of borrowing money from the bank.


Reduced loan processing fee

Reduced loan processing fee

On the maximum loan amount, the client can save up to $ 250.00 on the fee

In order to meet citizens, the bank waives part of the fee for the administrative costs of processing the loan. Depending on the repayment period, the fee is 0.5 or 1.0%. Fees for processing non-purpose loans today are up to 3.0%, which means that the client can save up to $ 250.00 on the maximum loan amount of $ 10,000.00.

The purpose of the loan is strictly defined. As the loan can close the arrears, it is approved on the basis of a written confirmation from another bank containing information on the type and exact amount of the debt, the number of the giro account and the reference to the number for payment of funds.

Customers who are stuck on a revolving loan repayment or have fallen into an illicit minus are given the opportunity to make a fresh financial start before creating adverse effects in the credit report.

Maximum loan amount of $ 10,000.00 repayment period up to 3 years The variable interest rate is tied to 6M EURIBOR: 9.17%. The monthly annuity is $ 2,448.30 The effective interest rate is 10.44% The fee for the administrative processing of the loan is 0.5 or 1.0% of the principal of the loan

Only primary security instruments (Declaration of Understanding of Confiscation of Receipts and Promissory Note) are contracted with the credit for closing the loan.


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