First to speak – only your two letters

The cards are finished and you are the first to speak. None of your rivals has said anything. You do not have any information, only your two cards and the tendencies of some of your rivals, but of the hand they are playing: nothing.

UTG First to talk.

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UTG Under The Gun. The first to speak. Two cards in the hand and behind the whole table. Anyone can appear with a good hand. If you are at a table of nine players, the possibility that one of your eight opponents has AA, KK, QQ, JJ or AK is 20%. And having a hand as a couple superior to 7 or two figures (A, K, Q or J) is 60%. This gives us an idea of ​​what is the first thought that has to go through our heads.

Backing out

This has to be your first thought. You will look at your cards with the idea of ​​throwing them away. Unless you have a very powerful reason, you are going to throw your cards. Do you have it clear? You do not want to play pots without a position, much less a pot with lots of players. Outside the letters and without problems.

And, what happens if we have good letters? What if we have few chips? And if we are few at the table?

Slowly, we go in parts.

Good letters

The first thing you have to do is change your concept of good cards when you are the first to speak. You need extra good cards to play, excellent cards, outstanding cards.

Aces ?, yes. Reyes? Yes. Ladies? Yes. As-King ?, yes. Jotas ?, mmmh. As-Lady ?, mmmh.

Do I have to throw in jacks and as a lady? But what is this?

This is not getting into trouble. It is trying not to lose a lot of chips without knowing how. It is about having many options to win the chips of the rivals or to wait for the next hand.

Aces, Kings, Ladies and Ace-King are the hands that you can play in first positions. If you are getting more experience, you can add the Jacks, the Ten, As-Lady …

The goal is to use your cards as protection against opponents who have a position on you.

Few chips

Now you’re close to getting the blind and you take away the little strength that is left to your stack. You can not wait for a good hand, since the blinds are eating you.

You have to move, you can not wait much longer, so you have to expand the range of hands. With your amount of chips the only possible move is allin, which also eliminates your positional disadvantage.

If you are short of chips you have to play any pair, figures and any ace. We can even extend the range at the hands of type K-10 and K-9.

Few on the table

If there are less than nine players on the table and you are the first to speak, you will have to consider how many rivals we have behind.

These are the names that have the positions on the table and thus you realize when you are in first position and when not:

  • Big Blind
  • Small Blind
  • Button
  • Cutoff
  • HiJack
  • First positions

But are there no middle positions? Yes, but for now you have to ignore them. Later you will learn differentiated strategies for the middle positions, but at this moment, it does not matter in the position you are in if you are not among the last five, apply these rules.

So if you are six players at the table and you are the first to speak, you apply what has been explained in this article. If, on the other hand, you were at a table with five or fewer players, the UTG position no longer exists on your table, so you should ignore this text and refer to the one referring to the position you are in.

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