Interview with Jaime Sanchez, Poker Event Manager CNP888

How was / is your background in the poker industry?

Answer: I am currently the Manager and Administrator of Laroush Entertainment Travel, a Spanish company dedicated exclusively to the organization and management of poker events such as CNP poker .
I became one in 2011 after acquiring as a majority shareholder the parent company Laroush Travel Spain. Since then I have developed management tasks in the company.


After having finished one of the CNP stops, what is considered a success and a failure?

Answer: It depends a lot on the stage we are talking about, obviously a tournament in Bilbao is not the same as the final in Madrid. We, before each stage, set an objective to fulfill both in the main event and in the whole festival, always depending on the background and the city. We like to always keep caution in the forecasts, but in our seven years of existence we can only say that we have been growing year after year and stage after stage, so for now we do not know the word failure.

Jaime Sanchez Director Live poker tournament CNP

You have experience as a poker player, what is this?

Answer: Actually I was a poker player before. The slogan of the CNP “from players to players” is born from there, from my intention in those years of creating a poker tournament to the players’ taste.

I started playing Hold’em more than 11 years ago although my love for cards came from much earlier, in my town, Tarifa, I played chiribito twenty years ago.
But about 10 years ago a friend gave me a birthday bag for my birthday and from there it was a non-stop.

We set up in Estepona an association in which we organized satellites for Torrequebrada Casino tournaments or for larger tournaments such as the FultTilt series or the CEP when they came to the Costa del Sol. And between one thing and another I was entering a bit into the environment of the tournaments although I am a “recreational fish”.

The truth is that I play poker for fun and only live, I am playing cards and cards, although lately I play less than I would like since I have 30 weeks scheduled this year with my own tournaments, so I do not have much time left. free to play other things, since you also have to take care of the family.

Although I usually escape to about 10 tournaments a year, the Battle of Malta, some CEP that gets me close, some tournament in Morocco, France or Portugal and the days that I get caught at home I escape to one of the casinos that I have nearby ( Lloret de Mar or Peralada) to play some cash.

The key to the success of a live poker tournament: the guaranteed prize, the structure, the sponsor, the location, the celebrities, …? From the player’s point of view

Answer: Well, I think a little of everything, none of the things you mention by itself makes a tournament more traitor than another. Mix all that if it makes a tournament very attractive for players.

Decide when to hold the event: What information do you use to arrive at this decision?

Answer: It is clear that there are factors to take into account, mainly we value the climate and accommodation prices for players who have to travel.

Each of the cities that are the headquarters of a CNP888 keeps its date in the calendar mainly for the combination of those two reasons, that the time accompanies the players during their stay in the city and that the cost of accommodation is not an impediment to want to move there.

How to make live poker go from being something of the usual poker to a more mass event?

Answer: Puff! In Spain we have a long way to go. Unfortunately the stigma of gambling, alcohol and tobacco still weighs heavily in our society.
Maybe one way could be taking it out of the casinos, this would give you a less gambling image.

A rough way, how much does it cost to mount a live poker event in Spain?

Answer: That depends on the services you offer the client during the tournament. It is clear that the cost of a National Poker League event is not the same as the cost of the CNP888 Grand Final Festival with the deployment of media (and work days) that it entails.

We move in an arc by event that goes from the 2,000 € of an event of the LNP until approximately the 20,000 € of the Grand Final Festival of the CNP888.

In live tournaments, is it Holdem or are there other games?

Answer: Mainly they are Hold’em or based on it (like the Crazy Pineapple or Win the button) although in some festivals we usually include some Omaha tournament.


The relationship with the sponsor: basic points to keep in mind so that it works out well

Answer: Basically we share the same philosophy, as is the case with 888poker and good communication between the different departments.

If the resources were unlimited, what would be the live poker event in Spain of your dreams?

Answer: Well, something that we already tried at the time and that did not set for lack of a sponsor. The Spanish Poker Series. The design was that of an event that brought together almost all the casinos of Spain with previous qualifying stages during the year and celebrate a great final event. I dream of being able to celebrate one day in Spain a tournament with € 1,000,000 GUARANTEED

That moment of that tournament that made you laugh out loud, how was it?

Answer: The truth is that in these years and thanks to the complicity that I have with the team we have lived many funny moments and I could not highlight any one above the others. But I can assure you that the deadlines during the long sessions of live streaming give a lot of play and laughter.

That moment of that tournament that made you cry, how was it?

Answer: Emotion. In the 2015 CNP Grand Final, when we reached the 500 players, Bernardo was by my side and we looked at each other and the brightness of our eyes said it all.

It was receiving the reward of all the love and commitment that we had put into this project.

During the few years that we have been living we have been many tripping, we were not well seen by any of the greats of the sector, but in this fight of a David against Goliath we knew how to make a hole in the market.

To finish that year being the national tournament with the most players it was as if the whole team had given us a pat on the back of: “good job guys” and it served as an impulse to keep working to fulfill our motto: From players to players .

The relationship between in situ tournament and social networks, how is the information synchronized?

Answer: Well, the press and media team does a great job in this aspect. It involves collecting the information at the minute, on the rugs, transferring it to the Live report, coordinating with a photograph, and uploading to RSS. A job that many times is not appreciated for those who are following the tournament from the web or any of our social networks, but that requires above all rapport between the different members of the team that carry each area involved.

The best day and time for a final table is …?

Answer: In my opinion on a Sunday in the early afternoon or before dinner time, that almost always guarantees that the tournament ends normally.


Of the amounts of poker players that you have seen playing live, what do you think is the average profile of the Spanish live poker player?

Answer: In Spain there is a lot of recreational player, I would say that they are the majority of those who play live. Taxation in Spain does not help much so that the professionals we have (who are quite and very good) can be seen around here.

How much of what you receive from a live tournament is business, how much is passion for this mental sport?

Answer: Well first of all go that the business started with passion. Over the years the business has not overcome the passion for the game, but it is the engine that moves the company day by day. Now the day we lose our passion, the business will be over.

The 4 Spanish poker players most representative of the poker scene in Spain today? And the historical 5 of all times?

Answer: Strictly speaking of live poker and tournaments, to date I am staying with Adrián Mateos, who is currently the No. 1 in the world ranking (and began his career thanks to a victory in the end of a CNP), and with Sergio Aido, they have put a lot of land in between with respect to other players. But we still have the names of fashion, Martí Roca and Nando Pons, that without forgetting the new sap that comes with desire.

We will have to take into account names such as those of Ignacio Molina, Oriol Fernandez, Juan Carlos Vecino.

Of all times? Maybe I could talk about the players that were influential for me, without a doubt Juan Manuel Pastor and Carlos Mortensen. But I will always remember the year I played my first EPT in Barcelona and I was able to experience first- hand on the rail that FT with three Spaniards: Amatos, Raul Mestre and Pibe.

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