Interview with “laspistas”

One of the most active players in the latest editions of the SuperSeries, ” laspistas ” answers a few questions about how he faces these upcoming 2014 SuperSeries that will take place from December 14 to 21.


  • Since when do you play poker?

I’ve been playing poker for about 10 years, although I got to know Texas Holdem about five years ago playing both live and online.


  • And since when do you know 888poker?

Well since about five years ago, when playing with rivals from around the world. I played mainly tournaments and sit & go, but I went for eras. There were months that I played a lot and it did not cost me to reach the Gold VIP level, but then I would not play for a month. It depended on the free time it had.


  • You’ve played the SuperSeries before, right?

Yes. In the time of the .com you also did weeks with many tournaments. And obviously they are a great opportunity for players of average profile like me to get a hit. I’ve already played two editions of the SuperSeries, and the truth is that I’m mainly interested in playing the more tournaments better, not just the big ones. Because I believe that there are modalities in which I play better than the average of rivals (mainly in deepstack tournaments, with many chips) because I have enough experience in dealing with the different phases of the tournaments.


  • Any outstanding result?

I give merit to have managed to qualify for the 2 main events through the step. It is a very expensive tournament (€ 250) with a lot of money at stake in prizes and the truth is that although I have not had any luck for now, it is always very exciting to be playing a tournament of that buy-in, where all decisions are extremely important .

For the rest, in the past spring I have entered 3 times in prizes in SuperSeries tournaments, highlighting a tournament with webcam (pokercam) in which I made final table and I took 1,100 euros to finish fourth.


  • What do you expect from this next edition of the SuperSeries?

Well I have gained entry to the main event OPENING and I am now trying to get a ticket to the main event as there are still many days left I hope to get it. But in any case my idea is to make an income of about 120 euros to be able to play many events of lower buy-in and invest the profits in playing other major tournaments, especially on Sundays.


  • Have you prepared in any special way for these SuperSeries?

Well what I have told you: play many satellites.


  • Based on your experience, would you give us any advice for future editions?

I would like to have constantly sit & go to give tickets for the SuperSeries, above all Sit & Go double or nothing, for example 5 euros, which would give tickets for larger events step by step.


We wish you good luck in the SuperSeries and in your online poker player career, that you have a lot of fun.

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