Play Texas Hold’em better. The button

The nightmare has finally passed. Winter is already gone and spring is beginning to be noticed. After the torment of the last hands, UTG, big blind and small blind, finally you are in:

The button

In each round of texas holdem poker you are assured to be once the button, this means that you will have an advantage over the rivals. Take advantage of it and play your cards. You are in the best position of all, so with little to accompany the cards, enter the pot.

This does not mean that you have to play all the cards at all times. You will have to adapt to what the rivals who have spoken before you have done. Depending on the strength they demonstrate, you will have to expand or reduce your rank.

Let’s see several situations so you can get an idea of ​​how to adapt your game to the different situations that may arise.

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Everyone throws away and only the blinds remain

The action comes to you and all the rivals have thrown themselves. The first thing you have to analyze is whether it is worth stealing the blinds and before. The higher the blinds and the tighter the two remaining players are, the more options you have of stealing the blinds, which means that you will open the hand with a wider range. The prize of the blinds and the little resistance that the rivals are going to give you, means that, even if you throw yourself away whenever you face a re-raise, it is profitable to open your hand with a raise.

When one of the blind rivals is aggressive and you know that he is going to defend his blind re-raise, adjust your rank by removing the worst hands from it. You will need a stronger hand to face the rival’s aggressiveness. The loss of profit that you will have by not stealing blinds will be compensated in the occasions in which you play with a stronger hand than your rival.

One or more players equal

In the event that you have some limpers, you can match with speculative hands, expecting to see a cheap flop and flirting something big that you can capitalize on. This type of hands as color connectors and small pairs, will not get you in a lot of trouble, if nothing comes out on the flop, you give up and if leagues you are almost sure to take the pot.

With strong hands, make a raise of three times the blind plus one blind for each opponent you have matched. The goal is to stay with a rival, hand in hand, with position and a better hand than the rival.

In the case that your hand is bad, throw yourself, do not be tempted to get into a crowded boat with a hand that has hardly any chance of improving and that if it improves it will probably be a worse play than any of the rivals, costing you many records.

A player climbs

This will be the most usual case. And it is the case where you have more options to choose from. Before deciding what to do, you have to take into account the type of player you are facing. According to the tendencies of the rival, you have to adjust your game, but in general you will play in a similar way. In some occasion you can modify your action if you have a clear reading of the rival.

You will raise with the best hands, the strongest rank: big pairs and high cards. You pay with the best connectors and couples. And you throw away the rest.

You can modify this strategy if you know the game form of the rivals.

If the player who comes up is loose, you have to expand the range of rise: more pairs, more aces, the more valuable color connectors, etc. With the rest of hands you will play the same as in the general case.

In the case that is very aggressive and you know that usually bet heavily on the following streets, you can try to catch him paying with your strongest hands, aces and kings.

Remember that these strategies are more risky than the standard game, so use them only if you are convinced that the risk is small.

A player goes up and some more pays the raise

Now you have to be a little more careful and although the situation is similar to when several players limpean, because if you are going to play a massive pot, you will have to calculate if you should invest that amount of chips. As much you have to be between 5% and 7% of your stack to be profitable in the event that you win the hand. So you will only match with color connectors and low pairs if the investment income. With strong hands, now we will directly re-raise. We can not risk being with a strong hand in a multi-player pot and without initiative.


In short, from the button is where you will play the most hands, but if any of the rivals shows strength, you have to adjust the range. Try not to leave a standard game more than a few times and as long as you have clear tendencies of the rivals.

I have not put hands because each one of you has in your head the rank with which you are comfortable. Keep playing those hands and when you have to expand it add some of those that are at the limit and if you have to reduce it removes the worst. Little by little you will expand the range of hands that you play and you will become a more complicated player for the rivals.

Do not forget that the button is the place to experiment and try to play new hands. Go expanding your range in this position and keep maintaining a more closed when you are not going to have position. If the connectors you usually play are from 87s upwards, to extend the range add 76s and 65s. Little by little, make your major range in the button and you will automatically expand it in the rest of the positions. But do not pass. If you expand a lot the hands you play on the button you can get to play unprofitable hands.

Remember that at you have Texas Holdem tables of all levels to improve your game. Take the opportunity to practice, because just reading the articles you will not improve.

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