Pot Limit Omaha, Basic Concepts

You have already read the article Omaha is not Texas and you have realized that it is not geography and you are interested in entering more deeply into the ins and outs of Pot Limit Omaha. I warn you that you are going to enter a world of fun, madness and pain. You are willing? Well, the first thing you have to know is the basic concepts. Those ideas that you always have to have in your head when you’re playing.

Pot Limit Omaha. Basic concepts.


Play all the stack

In Omaha there is only one objective when you enter the hand, take all the stack of the rivals that accompany you to the flop. If you do not have that in mind, you are at a disadvantage, because your rivals will be determined to take all your chips.

Hands are won with plays are higher

If in Hold’em, double pairs or trio are decent plays, in Omaha you will need something higher to take the pot. The boats will take the stairs, colors and fulles, so forget that with your trio you’re going to take the boat, or do something with a couple couples. Look for big plays, and if you see that with your cards you can not get them, throw them away.

The flop is where things are decided

On the flop you will know what happens with your hand. Have you linked a strong hand or an interesting project? You can go ahead calmly. Do not you have more than a sad couple without possibility of color or ladder? The hand is over. Do you have a mediocre hand and there is a lot of action? To throw themselves they touch.

If you have a project that is not nuts, throw yourself

To win in Omaha, you do not have to play with a hand that is not the best in the showdown. So if you’re playing a project other than nuts, roll your cards. If your color project is not ace, roll the cards. If when your ladder project is completed, there may be a better one, throw away your cards. Do not lose all your chips with the second best hand. Find the occasions when you can have the best hand to take the chips of those who do not follow this slogan.

Outs of quality, not quantity

Analyze the outs you have, and make sure they will make you the winner of the hand. Do not count the outs that improve your hand, but not enough to get the pot. It is important that you realize when your outs can make another player a winner with a better play. It usually occurs with ladder projects when cards are counted as outs above the ladder. If you count your losing outs as winners, you will see how your chips disappear at full speed.

Do not slowplay

Do not fall into the temptation to pass so that the rivals link something and take value from the monster you have linked. Start creating the pot from the flop, or you will never grow enough. Not betting on the flop will make the final pot one third the size you would have with that bet on the flop. Also, the turn can get you into an important mess. Imagine that you have full with your pair of nines hand in the flop 9 9 6, if it came out a letter higher than nine, you could appear any opponent with a full superior to yours, and most serious, that he would have gotten it for free, because you will not have to pay to see the turn.

Almost no bluffs

Believe what the rivals are representing. If they bet, they have something. If they happen is that they have nothing. Keep in mind that Omaha poker is a game in which there are hardly any bluffs, because players get very strong hands that they will not throw. When you see that a rival does not stop betting in all the streets, you will see in the showdown that has the nuts. If you see that a rival bets strongly and when the color is completed, stop doing it; look as if they show the cards, had the best hand until a project that won him was completed.

Follow these tips when you start at the Pot Limit Omaha tables, but do not stop there. Keep going through this blog where we will continue offering you articles to improve your game.

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